Buying smartphones? Here are a few tips on how to choose them


The new generation has been very aggressive in buying latest smartphones. Here is a few key points

  • Price: Price is a key factor in buying a smart phone as there smart phones available between Rs. 5000-50000. So if you are restricted with budget, you always have budget phones in the market
  • Memory: If you use cloud, the memory requirement is low, also check for the phones expandable with micro SD cards

  • RAM: The speed of phone depends on good ram, it varies between 1.5GB to 4GB
  • Operating System: Majority of phones are on android, but apple IOS, microsoft windows based phones are also  popular
  • Battery Life: Best way to go is to choose ones with higher milliAmpere. 3500, 4000mAH is quite common
  • Camera. Nowadays, phones are cameras as well and they start from 8 megapixel
  • Screen Size. People use phones even for watching movies.Some phones also often LED display It depends on your  requirement what should the screen size be.

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